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Rupert Jones Finance Ltd tailor services to meet the individual needs of your school, whether you require Cover for Sickness/Governors or full bursary support, a wide range of services can be purchased on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis. We can offer the following services below and are happy to discuss the unique needs of your particular school.


The overall planning, development and strategic management of the school is the governing bodies responsibility. We at Rupert Jones Finance Ltd understand the complexities of determining the guiding principles setting out the remit for the school to operate in and make decisions. We have a range of services on this particular subject which can help the school meet its objectives.

  • Financial Policy
  • Financial Procedures
  • Audit Preparation
  • Schools Financial Value Standard Support and Advice
  • Audit of Voluntary Accounts
  • Value for Money Exercises
  • Benchmarking
  • Procurement

Budget Planning & Setting

A good financial plan and management are critical parts of putting together a budget plan and setting the budget. We offer a range of services to help the schools maintain feasible plans and start the year on a good footing. Remember it is better to start slow and steady than fast and incorrect.

  • Planning Annual Budget
  • Licensed Deficit
  • Recovery Plan
  • Multi Year Budget
  • Balance Claw Back Mechanism
  • Project Work
  • Budget Training

Monitoring and Reconciliation

Core part of Finance is the effective monitoring of Budgets. Careful monitoring averts any future problems allowing for remedial actions to be taken swiftly. We offer the following in this particular area.

  • Budget Monitoring
  • Forecast/Year-end Projection
  • Forecasting - Traffic Light System
  • Income/Expenditure projection
  • Budget Monitoring report Set Up
  • Forecasting Tool Set Up & Management
  • Full Reconciliation in Consistent Financial Reporting Format (CFR)
  • Petty Cash Accounts
  • Personnel

Year End

Year end is often a stress full and busy time for most. Why take on the stress yourselves. we can provide the following services.

  • Accruals
  • Close-down
  • CFR Mapping
  • CFR Reconciliation
  • CFR Submission

Schools Finance Service

We offer a full range of services. We will tailor our services to your needs.

  • Bursary Support
  • Sick/Maternity Cover

If you would like to put together a bespoke plan for your school please send an enquiry via the contact page.

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Rupert Jones Finance Ltd is a new dynamic company providing financial services to schools. All our services are managed and delivered by a team that has a wealth of experience and, more...



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Rupert Jones Finance Ltd tailor services to meet the individual needs of your school, whether you require Cover for Sickness/Governors or full bursarial support, more..



We offer a varied range of Financial Service Packages in accordance to your individual requirements, more...

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